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Airlander 10 is the world’s largest flying vehicle. It measures an astounding 92 meters in length with a capacity for lifting more than ten metric tonnes and can do so without the need for an airport. Designed and manufactured by UK-based Hybrid Air Vehicles, it is the first of a series of larger hybrid airships that will usher in a new era of sustainable point-to-point delivery of goods and passengers.


OceanSky have signed a Commercial Agreement with Hybrid Air Vehicles to establish air services to be delivered by OceanSky using the Airlander hybrid airship in the Nordic countries.


Together with above organizations, we are offering you the opportunity to be a part of a revolutionary transport mode, redefined with state of the art technology and materials. This will be a gamechanger of logistics forever. OceanSky and Hybrid Air Vehicles are conducting a demonstration and exposition of the Airlander 10, which will take place in Sweden. The demonstration will showcase Airlander 10’s features, including:


• Take-off and landings

• Flying with heavy and bulky cargo (to be specified)

• Full range of Airlander 10’s flight envelope including yaw, pitch and roll characteristics

• Hovering

• Fast and slow flight

• Movement on the ground

• Cargo loading and unloading

• Mooring and ground tethering

• Propulsion system and operation of flightcontrols





One of OceanSky’s major focuses is to deliver improved logistical solutions for the wind power industry. Point to point cargo transportation of large components will save money and time in the construction phase of wind power projects. Using hybrid airships will help avoid detrimental impact on natural resources, allowing wind farms to be cost effectively situated in optimum locations. Furthermore, hybrid airship transport will end the need for additional roads and rail to be built in virgin country on routes to windfarms.


The Airlander 10 is capable of transporting large turbine blades. The preproduction Airlander 50 will be capable of carrying even larger and heavier components.




The oil and gas industries are consumers of outsized cargo transport services. Goods that are necessary for exploration, construction, commissioning and maintenance of mine sites.


The hybrid airships will deliver those heavy components in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner without the need for infrastructure investments.



Prefabrication and factory assembly of large components delivered from the point of manufacture to the point of use will significantly improve cost efficiency. Heavy road transport involves complicated administration and limitations that increase project cost, time and risk, whereas hybrid airship transport provides direct routing of the components at a time schedule chosen by you.


The hybrid airship solution overcomes traffic congestion in urban construction settings and streamlines rural building logistics.

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